T3 Hair Straightner Review

Friday, 13 July 2012 0 comments

Hello everyone! So today's post is going to be about the best straightener ever! The T3 Bespoke SinglePass.
We love this straightener and have been using this for the past two years <3 I, J have extremely thick curly hair and this tool works wonders for my hair. It calms down the frizz and does a great job! This straightener is also fast  and works quickly to straighten hair.The thing I like about it is the wide plates. You can straighten more hair at a time in comparison to others. I also find that this straightener leaves your hair smooth and not fried! Another great plus is you can use it on wet hair ;) Even though it does say you can use it on wet hair, I recommend you should dry it a little first and then use it. Your hair also stays straightened for a long time (until you wash it of course).

Here it is!!

450 F/ 232 C Heat setting!!

This product can be purchased at sephora, but when I went to check on their website they didn't have it :( But not to worry I found this on flatironexperts.com !! and it's on sale! yay! Thanks for checking out this review! If you have any questions please feel free to leave them in the comment box below!

xoxo A&J


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