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Hey everyone! I went to a local mall in Bellingham WA and picked up a few random bits and pieces. Thought I'd share and do a review on some lipsticks as well! Hope you enjoy :) xoxo

Some Lashes 

These are the Demi Wispies by Ardell and I got these from Sally's beauty Supply! I love how they have so many lashes to choose from. Ardell is probably my favorite for lashes just because they aren't over priced considering the amount of times I'm going to use them. I don't like spending ridiculous amounts on lashes since I like my lashes to look nice and fresh and only use each pair 3 times maximum and that's only if end up taking care of them... 

These are the Ardell Wispies and I bought these at Target. These are a bit bigger than the demi wispies (pictured above) I love these a bit more!
Top Coat by Beauty Secrets is the top coat I have been using for years! It comes in this 75ml bottle that will last you years without drying out or anything! I repurchased this from Sally's beauty supply for around $9 and it does the job what more can I say?

R-L: Lancôme high resolution day cream and Lancôme high resolution eye cream.
The lady at the Lancôme counter gave these to me for free when I purchased a couple lipsticks (mentioned below) . These aren't the full size, but are huge for sample sizes as you can tell. Will probably last me a great amount of time! 

Lancome Color Design Lipstick  Review

Lipsticks were bought at Macys
With flash on ( does not look like the color at all) 

Color is Wannabe and in this picture it's coming out a lot  brighter, but in real life it's just a tad darker  with more purple I'd say. The texture of this lipstick is so nice! It's not drying at all, but not super shiny either.  

The swatch on the left is Wannabe and the one on the right is Pink Preview 

Pink Preview by Lancôme! Such a pretty pink! This pink is perfect for olive skin tones or  skin tones with yellow undertones and of course it would look amazing if you have a tan! It's the perfect pink without screaming PINK!! If you know what I mean. It definitly has purple undertones in it and I can not say enough about the texture. It does not settle into lines and gives such a soft beautiful finish! And it's completely matte BUT it not drying what so ever! It's pretty much the most perfect lipstick I have ever come across and it's flattering on all skin tones! Can not say enough about this one! 
Here is a swatch for Pink Preview! 
xo- AJ


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