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Thursday, 5 July 2012 0 comments

Smooth Skin!
Hey Everyone! Here's another post or skin secret as we like to call it! Like everyone else we too are always looking for products that will make our skin softer, smoother and just perfect! So on our hunt for the perfect products we found a couple that work amazing for us.  

Cactus Body Brush By The Body Shop

This baby right here does the job! It's the best thing ever! You can get this brush from the The Body Shop and I, A have been using this religiously and it has helped me achieve super smooth legs and arms! It may seem a little rough at first but I promise you it will not scratch your skin instead it will clean beautifully and polish away! And for those of you who need to exfoliate before and after spray tans etc. this will be perfect! Super easy to use with the handle and just pure amazingness! <3 

After Exfoliation Comes Lotion!

Now everyone has heard of Aveeno, but even though most of us know about it we may or may not have used it, but let us tell you that we actually started using this lotion when we got our tattoos and the tattoo artist recommended it on his little list of tattoo after care and since then we have become big fans! This lotion moisturizes without making your skin greasy! It really is like no other. Even if you miss a day your body still stays moisturized! I, A buy my lotion in bulk at Costco! It's inexpensive there and you can usually get 2 large bottles for  a low price.  :)

We love sharing our beauty secrets with you guys! We hope you enjoyed this post<3
p.s lots of upcoming posts planned! Stay tuned 


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