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Hey everyone! In todays blog post we are going to be sharing our most loved products that we use on a daily basis! This post is going to be a long one, but hopefully y'all will stay to read it all! We will be mentioning lots of products, but don't get us wrong these are NOT by any means all of our favorite products! Just a few that we adore. We'll briefly be explaining and having a mini review about each product, but please comment below if you would like a further in depth review on any of these lovely items and we will be more than happy to write a review just for you! <3 Hope you enjoy! :)

Doll Lashes<3

We absolutely love mascara! We love that doll eyed look and to be honest we don't care if our mascara looks too thick because that is what gives you that doll look! We discovered this mascara by Lancome last year and we fell in love! This one does not make your lashes clumpy what so ever, but still makes them look thick and long...however this isn't the mascara that we wear when we want to get extra dolled up because it's still a little on the natural side, but it is the mascara that is perfect for every day wear since it doesn't look like cakey.

Larger Than Life by Nars<3

From left to right =>  Via Veneto - black and Abbey Road - Iridescent Turquoise
These are long wearing eye liner pencils from Nars and they are the best eyeliners we have tried so far and trust us we have tried many! These are comparable to the urban decay 24 hours. We usually wear these in our water line and they do not smudge what so ever and stay on all day! The swatches above do not do these two justice so you must check them out for yourself. They come in a variety of colours and we cannot wait to pick up some others!

Luxury Lipgloss<3

We love lipgloss! From left to right => Nars Larger than Life Couer Sucre, Chanel 104, Chanel - Rouge Allure Extrait De Gloss in Imaginaire and Genie

To start off we must say that the texture and quality of all these lip glosses is amazing! so cushiony and soft and not sticky or gross at all! We wish we could buy them in every color they are so perfect and have the most beautiful packaging! To die for we swear<3 The Nars one in Couer Sucre is the perfect Barbie pink! We would cry if it were discontinued! The next Chanel one is so amazing, it's a sheer pink that has blue, silver and white very tiny shimmers/glitters! It is one of the most coolest lip glosses ever! You must swatch it next time you are at a Chanel counter! The last two are perfect opaque coloured lip glosses! and they come in the most beautiful black tubes!! The quality of the glosses is beyond any that we have ever tried! 

                                                      Our favorite nail polishes!<3

From left to right => OPI Alpine Snow, Island Girl, OPI Gargantuan Green Grape,  Illamasqua Rare and Illamasqua Collide!
We've been reaching for these polishes everytime we're in the mood to do our nails! OPI's Alpine Snow is hands down our favorite polish! We wear this color all the time doesn't matter winter or summer! The next one is by Island Girl and we love this color!! It's a neon baby pink color! There are not many dupes out there for this one, but the downside to this is it's only available in the States at ABC Stores! :( and we live in Canada so we recently picked this up from Hawaii! The next one by OPI is a perfect bright mint green! and mint has been so popular these past couple years that we cannot get enough. The next two are quite crazy, but we love them regardless! They don't need much explaining as they speak for themselves! We love neons!


 Signature Scent<3 

Hypnotic Poison by Dior
This is a perfume that we literally swear by. It smells amazing! Mysterious and mesmerizing this scent will leave you speechless and we get tons of compliments ;) This is a perfume that we will always repurchase, it never gets old! We even have  a mini one that we carry around in our bags! You can find the exact notes of it here. To us it smells sweet yet musky, but still very sophisticated! You just want to eat it! :)

Life Savers!

These pads are a god sent! We usually don't use them for in grown hair because that hasn't been much of a problem however they still work amazing for in grown hairs, but what we use them for is all over face wipes! especially when we break out and need a quick fix to get rid of bumps and spots ASAP!! and these do the job in no time! They are a little pricy :( around $45, but they are so amazing that they are definitely worth it! They don't dry out your skin and target the problem area right away, getting rid of any blemishes and bumps overnight! ( This product is so good it's supposed to be a secret!!! shhhh! )  

Biotherm Deep hydration replenishing Balm for very dry skin 

This is part of myself A's skincare routine and is a moisturizer that  I use religiously. It smells great and has a thick creamy balm like texture that is great for my dry skin. Smells great too and lasts a very long time.

Origins GinZing Eye Cream

This cream is a great eye cream for those who wake up super early like ourselves to get ready for school or work and need a quick fix to puffy eyes! This eye cream actually works and like every other product in this list we love it because it definitely does what it says!

Olay Foaming Face Wash 

This has been a product that I, A have used pretty much all my life! I repurchase this every time I run out and the thing that makes me purchase this again and again is the fact that this it is so easy to use and it removes all my makeup while cleansing my skin! I use the combination/oily one as well as the sensitive skin one (not pictured) depending on how my skin is feeling.

Nars Orgasm 

This is a blush that we LOVE! There are tons of reviews of this blush already so we wont talk too much about it, but all we can say is that it's a perfect blush to liven up our complexions without too much shimmer! and of course perfect peachy pink color!<3 

Mac's Mineralize Skin Finish in Gold Deposit 

This skin finish by MAC is just amazing! I, A use it every time I do my makeup! It gives the nicest glow and makes you look like a perfectly tanned bronze godess! Careful not to go overboard with this product however! 

Foundations That We LOVE<3


From left to right => Chanel Double Perfection, Chanel Teint Innocence
These two foundations have always been our favorites! the powder foundation on the left has been repurchased again and again by myself,  A many times! However the Teint Innocence which is a beautiful sheer foundation has been discontinued by Chanel :( I still have some left and have been saving it for special occasions because it gives you the perfect finish! So if you can still find it anywhere grab it to try it out because it truly is amazing! Works wonders if you have clear skin to begin with too! 

Diorskin Forever Flawless Perfection Wear Makeup

We're always on the hunt for good foundations and this one is our  HG foundation! It's perfect! It works well on both oily and dry skin ( if you have extremely dry skin then just mix moisturizer! ). You can definitely build up the coverage with this one even though it's probably medium coverage and its called flawless for a reason! The staying power of this foundation is amazing. I put this on at 7am on school days and lasts throughout all day without any weird patchy spots or anything like that! And of course I have repurchased this product more than once! <3

Quo Precision Foundation Kabuki Brush! 

This is a foundation brush that is just amazing! It's super soft, very good quality and inexpensive (if you buy it on sale, which they usually have on once in a while). The only negative is that this brand is only available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart, we have never seen it anywhere else :( Quo however makes an awesome line of brushes! They may be a little pricy when they aren't on sale so we recommend waiting till they go on sale because Shoppers always does an amazing 40% off these brushes! This brush is quite dense and gets into all the tiny places like around the nose and under the eyes and is just perfect! <3

 Bath and Body Works Shower Gels!

We never thought that we would end up liking these. We always thought they would smell fake and smell of chemicals, but we were surprised when we first got a sample size and ended up loving these! Our favorite scents are the two mentioned above and these are hands down our favorite shower gels<3 Lather amazing and make your whole entire shower smell delicious and the scent actually lingers on your skin! and thats a feature we are always looking for in shower gels! p.s these are super inexpensive! We picked these up for $4 each on sale! :)

We hope that you all enjoyed this post! And please comment below if you would like us to do any in depth reviews on any of the products mentioned above and we will be more than happy to do so! Thank you for staying and have a good one!

xoxo A&J


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