Skin Care Routine!

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A's Skincare Routine

Hey everyone! So today I, A was in a skin care type of mood lol. I'll be letting you guys know what I use for my skin and what's been working for me! My skin type is combination oily. For the most part my skin is oily, but lately I have been quite dry in some areas and I'm not the biggest fan of dry skin!!! I just think in the long run oily skin is better and makeup looks better on oily skin. So here below are pictures of everything I use for my skin and mini reviews! I know that we don't have any pictures of ourselves on our blog yet but we're working on putting some up soon. However in the mean time I will let you know that I have acne prone skin, but for the most part my skin is very well behaved and for the most part clear! With that being said I take really good care of my skin! I've never slept with makeup on or anything like that and I honestly believe that you are not just born with good skin, but 50% or more than 50% of the time it also depends a lot on how well you take care of your skin! Not just using products on your face, but other things like changing your pillowcases or cleaning your glasses so the parts that touch your face are clean! Anyways enough babbling here it is... Hope you enjoy!

Keeping Healthy 

Okay so these are the products that I use on my skin after I cleanse my face. I don't use all these products at once or even in the same day, but I rotate with these depending on my skins needs at the time.

So for daily moisturizers I use Biotherm and have been using it for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it! It's a bit expensive, but totally worth it! I use their aquasource balm moisturizer (mentioned in favorites).

Another moisturizer I use is from The Body Shop! I really love The Body Shop for their skin care lines and also have been using it for a couple years! I use their Vitamin E moisture cream and am also absolutely in love with it because it's just perfect! Smells amazing, non greasy and lightweight, but still moisturizes.  Continuing with the Body Shop I use their Tea Tree Toner before my moisturizer and there's not much I can say about it other than it is great and removes any last traces of makeup and just makes my skin feel balanced and fresh! I also use the Body Shop's eye gel, however this gel doesn't actually improve the skin around your eyes it definitely de-puffs and freshens up your eyes! At night I use the Body Shops Nutriorganics night cream and it has organic ingredients and leaves your skin feeling super soft when you wake up!

 I also use Origins GinZing eye cream (mentioned in favorites) and that also de-puffs and is amazing for prepping eyes for concealer!
Something that I use everyday multiple times a day especially in the summer is my Vichy sunscreen and it's a whopping SPF 60, but before you get scared let me tell you that it is extremely important to wear sun protection! I wanna have a flawless face naturally for the rest of my life and if that means wearing SPF I will do so religiously without complaining! I only use a small amount of this stuff and I own the travel size as well as the full size! You will thank yourself later as you age if you wear sun protection!

Biore Pore strips are another skin care product that I love! They get the job done quick and easy! It only takes ten minutes for you to see your pores around your nose clean! You wet your nose and stick the strip right on, let it dry for ten minutes or so and then peel off and you will be surprised at how much dirt can get trapped in your pores! These are a must have item for everyone!

Lastly like mentioned in our favorites the Bliss ingrown hair pads do an amazing job at clearing up our skin! Even though that is not what they are meant for, they truly are a hidden gem! You can buy the small pack of ten from Sephora for about $10 and you will definitely be hooked! Give em a try you will not be disappointed I promise!

Keeping Clean

So the three products above are all drug store and these are the three that I use to cleanse my face . The Olay face wash in the middle is something I have been using forever now and it has always worked for my skin! It works just as good or even better in my opinion than any high end facial cleanser. The Neutrogena acne facial wash is something I use after I cleanse my face just to get rid of any bacteria that may be left on my skin. And lastly St. Ives Scrub is something most people know of and there isn't much I can say about it that others have not other than it's amazing and also gets the job done! I don't use this everyday, but maybe 3 or 4 times a week.

Keeping Beautiful 

I use a lot of face masks to keep my skin nice, however I don't use them that often just because too many products on your skin are not that good in the long run. I use a lot of Body Shop's facial masks (I have only two pictured, but I have used others also). I feel that since the Body Shop has a different lines of skin care for different skin types I won't go into detail about the ones I have used in this post because that will take forever so instead if you are interested I recommend that you go into the The Body Shop or go on their website and see which ones cater to your skin type and needs! Overall I love all the masks that I have tried from there so I'm sure they have a perfect mask waiting in store for you :). Another company that makes great masks that I love is Lush handmade cosmetics. Their masks are super fresh and made with real ingredients and again they have a wide variety of masks for different skin types. My favorite one is definitely the cupcake mask! It is amazing! smells amazing and leaves your skin so soft and so hydrated.

I hope you enjoyed this quick post on my skin care routine and if you want a full review on any products mentioned please comment letting me know and I will gladly do so for you! Thank you for staying xoxo A&J



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