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A Healthy Life

Hey everyone! So this post is a bit different than our usual posts, but has very much to do with looking and feeling well, but on a different level. So both of us are completely into eating well and working out! And if you are interested in how we stay motivated we can for sure do a post on that and give real tips that actually work!, so just comment asking for that. However this post is going to be a simple post letting you all know what some of the things that we love to eat! So I, A am a vegetarian and for most part vegan because I almost never have any dairy or animal products and J has meat in her diet, but no red meat. On a whole we both are really into staying healthy. Below I have posted some pictures of some of our favorite healthy foods as well as a list of foods that we eat. Just for everyone's information we are not on diets, but instead this is what are healthy lifestyle looks like :). This is what we eat and it may or may not be right for you. We in no way are professionals so obviously always take everything with a grain of salt. Hope you enjoy...xoxo

Our favorite brand of cereal! Kashi makes so many different cereals and they all taste amazing! If you find them too boring add some fruit like blueberries or bananas! Super healthy and super good for you! 

Mini whole wheat bagels are perfect when you are craving well bagels, but don't want to indulge in 300 + calories! These mini bagels are actually the perfect size and only have 110 calories! and taste amazing! 
Whole wheat bread is always allowed! Dont over indulge in bread, but when you do, make sure it's whole wheat! and I like to get bread that's a bit more thinly sliced, so fewer calories, but you are still eating bread :) This particular one is my favorite and only has 80 calories per slice and a long list of nutrients of course!

We love carbs of course and like I said before we are not on diets, but instead this is just the way we eat so of course we're going to have carbs. I mean how can a person go their whole life without pasta and bread?! But the thing is we almost never have anything white! our pasta, bread, bagels or whatever it may be is always whole wheat and of course smaller portions! 

Ahh I don't think we can say enough about this milk! This is truly amazing! only 35 calories per cup! Comes in different delicious flavours and packed with nutrition. Great substitute for milk.  

Herbal teas are great! With natural health benefits and something to sip on throughout the day they are just perfect!  Stash is my favorite brand for teas. I always end up liking which ever flavour I try of theirs over other brand, but that's just me. Tazo is great too :)

Veggies burgers are our favorite foods! These veggie patties come in a big box from Costco! Best tasting veggie burgers ever! and of course so healthy for you! 
More veggie burgers! These can be purchased at many grocery store (not in Canada sadly). We have many favorite meat alternative brands! Will be discussed in a later post

Craving ice cream anyone?! Try this Soy dairy free ice cream . Of course it's a bit different than the real thing, but good for those who don't mind and think health over anything! 

Green drink anyone? Another healthy thing everyone should incorporate in to their diets is juicing! If you are interested in the recipe for this über delicious drink comment below! We also use this amazing book Raw Food Juice Bar! You can purchase here!

These are just some foods that we eat! We eat a much bigger variety of super healthy foods that hit all the marks of healthy eating. Here's a short list of only of the other foods

Other Healthy Foods We Eat Daily

1. Tons of fresh Vegetables ( Every kind of vegetable available) 
2. Every Fruit available 
3. Brown Rice
4. Chicken Breast
5. Legumes
6. Fresh fruit + protein Smoothies
7. Eggs
And many more! 

We will also be adding healthy recipes to our blog. So please stay tuned for that!
Hope you enjoyed this post<3 xoxo A&J 


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