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Hello everyone today we thought we'd do a post about some of our favorite places to shop! We love shopping, it is one of our favorite hobbies! These stores may be different for some of you because some of these shops are only here in Canada or in America. We love to go shopping in the states! Hell, we like to go shopping anywhere!! ;)

          1. Aritzia -  This is one of our favorite shops! This is only located in Canada although they do have some locations in the states. Their clothing is very fashion forward and have the most simple but high quality clothing without breaking the bank. Their clothing are on trend and have exclusive brands such as Talula, Wilfred, TNA and many more!                                                                                   

2. Holt Renfrew-  If  we want to opt for something more high-end we love Holt Renfrew. This is only available in Canada and they carry some of the most luxurious brands! This is very similar to Neiman Marcus which is in the States. Check out my (A's) latest purchase from Holt  here ! :)

3. Nordstrom. Whenever we go shopping in the states Nordstrom is our favorite place to shop. There is something here for everyone and we love it. From their beauty items to their clothing that we cannot get back in Canada this is the place where we like to come.

4. Nordstrom Rack-  As if Nordstrom wasn't perfect, there also exists a Nordstrom Rack! This is where Nordstrom has some of their clearance items and where we  find amazing deals from some of the best brands!

5. J. Crew-  J. Crew is Awesome. They have the best sweaters (including cashmere!) that are simple yet on trend. The quality is amazing for their clothes and  we can find very nice pieces that are great for everyday staples.

6. Shoppers Drug Mart- Only located in Canada, this is one of our best drug store. They have a wide range of brands to choose from. We love coming here for their beauty products from nail polishes to make-up.

7. The Bay-   This is a very big department store and they carry many goods. We love buying our beauty related items from here since they have mostly everything! and also like to stop by their clothing/shoes to see what we can find!

8. Gap-  If we ever need any basic clothing such as tees or sweaters this is another of our faves! The quality of their clothing is not bad at all for the price!     

 We hope you enjoyed this post about SOME of our main stores that we like to shop at. We did give a brief explanation of these shops but if some of you have any other questions please feel free to ask! :)

xoxo A&J


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