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Saturday, 23 June 2012 2 comments

Summers here!!!! Y'all know what that means... time to bring out the summer smellsssss haha. When we say summer perfumes what we mean is something that smells lightweight, floral, sugary, fresh, fruity,soft  and salty(kidding!) lol.

Here are some of our current favorites...

Marc Jacobs - Daisy <3
Marc Jacobs Daisy Lotion.... smells just as amazing!!
Marc Jacobs - Daisy Limited Edition!!

 Marc Jacobs perfumes are sweeeeeeeeeeeet. Literally. Their all so"summery" lol. The regular daisy and the limited edition one basically have the same smell to it and they smell amazeballs :0 and both of the them do last a pretty long time. We would totally recommend!!! p.s how cute are the lids!?!?

Moving along...
Juicy Couture!

This is the original Juicy perfume and we both have had this one for the longesttttttttttttttt time! To describe the smell we would say it smells fruity but also tangy at the same time, if that makes sense. (suck at describing smells,  FOL).

Chanel Chance is bombtastic!

Last but certainly not least here we have the Chanel Chance sheer moisture mist. This is not the actual fragrance it's a body mist for the Chanel Chance perfume. I, J purchased this not too long ago because I fell in love with the smell right away! It's divine. It smells sooo fresh and soft!!!!!! Although this doesn't last as long as the fragrance would it's still amazeballs. The perfume that goes with this mist is what I NEED to get  next. I have no idea why I didn't get the fragrance instead of this mist at the time FML (stupid!).

So these are the perfumes we've been loving for the summer so far. We're sure you can get these at any places where fragrances are sold LOL. Thanks for reading!

- A&J


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